Croatia is the summer playground for luxury yacht charters. Experienced Charterers often refer to the Dalmatian Coast as the Eastern Mediterranean’s take on the French Riviera. Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Brac – just a few of the hot spots worth stepping ashore to.


With around 45 well-equipped crewed yachts, sailboats and catamarans, we offer high-quality yacht charters out of Dubrovnik. Our charter partners are certified with the Safe Travels seal “Safe stay in Croatia” by the World Travel & Tourism Council. With this safety seal we guarantee our charter guests the highest hygiene and safety precautions on our yachts.

Do you need help choosing a right yacht for you? Feel free to contact us and we can assist you in the choice of yacht and sailing routes in Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Here at Dubrovnik Boat and Yacht we understand that details are important, which is why we assure you that all of the yachts in our fleet are in immaculate condition and are run by the most experienced, professional and friendly crew in the industry. From giving tips on the best places to eat, to the best diving spots, to making sure your favorite wine label is on board, our team make every effort to ensure that every tiny detail is taken care of to create your ideal vacation.


There are a range of yachts to choose from to suit your requirements, ranging from 30m to over 100m. Elegant sailing yachts, high performance motor yachts, yachts with expansive deck spaces and yachts with armadas of water toys. The ideal yacht is waiting for you to come aboard.
Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent Croatia yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean and on the Adriatic Sea; also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Dubrovnik yacht charter in Croatia offers an array of activities for its visitors, from Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture, museums, galleries, boutiques, colorful markets through to chic restaurants, bistros, cafés and night-clubs. Because Dubrovnik, and Croatia in general, is amongst the most popular destinations during the European summer season, there is an extensive selection of motor yachts, superyachts, sailing yachts and catamarans available, so please contact us for additional details.
Motor Cruiser: These can range from a 10 meter boat that a family of four can bareboat charter or motor yacht to a 40 meter superyacht where you can relax and have every wish catered to by the crew. As a mid-range option we also list a number of motor catamarans that are spacious yet can be bareboat chartered as well.

Sailing Catamaran: A sailing catamaran will have a lot of space and things like en suite showers and heads in every cabin. They have twin engines in the hulls, allowing for great manoeuvrability in port, and are very quick when the wind is aft of the beam.

Monohull Sailing Yacht: Ranging in size from a modest, 10 meter vessel that can accommodate a group of six comfortably yet at a reasonable price to a 20 metre luxury yacht, you can find a monohull to suit every need for your sailing holiday.

Speedboat: These are day boats without cabins and can be used for fishing or simply getting out to the Elafiti Islands on a day trip. Some are very quick on the water – others more suitable for a harbor tour.

The sailing season runs from late April to October with July and August being the busiest months for yacht charter. If you can charter outside of the peak period you will find it far quieter and less expensive. When a cruise ship is docked in Dubrovnik, its passengers will fill the Old Town. If you can time your visit outside of the times cruise ships are in, then you will find your visit to the city a lot more relaxed. The climate is mild most of the sailing season with occasional rain showers.


April and May: There will be occasional rainy days but temperatures sit between 22-28C or higher. Winds are generally NW, 10-20 knots

June-August: You’ll be unlucky if you see any rain, though it could be welcome in the summer heat! Temperatures are from 26C and up to the mid 30s. Wind are generally NW 5-10 knots

September-October: In this part of the world it rains more in October and the temperature falls away to 10 degrees C in the evenings, though it can get up to a comfortable 20C on an autumn day. Winds can get up to 20 knots.

Budget is a big thing where it comes to hiring a yacht out of Dubrovnik. It is not the most expensive city in the world to charter a yacht from, thanks to the still quite new yacht charter industry in the country.

A motor cruiser can cost anything from €400 a day for a 10 meter yacht but €40,000 a day will get you a 40 meter superyacht with crew catering to your every need. The prices differ from season to season so expect to pay considerably more in July/August.

A sailing catamaran will cost from €500 a day and up depending on the size and what luxuries you want on such a vessel. A monohull sailboat will cost anything from €120 a day to several hundred Euros a day depending on what you want.


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