Explore Dubrovnik coastline, the Elaphiti islands and caves, beaches and coves, seafront restaurants and lounge bars by renting a boat, yacht or jet ski.

Discover Mljet National Park, Lastovo Islands Nature Park, famous Korčula Island where Marco Polo was born, stunning Hvar Island and much more.

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Dubrovnik, a global cultural heritage pearl is best experienced – from the sea by boat, yacht or jet ski. Escape the crowds within the town's walls and experience this UNESCO heritage site from a completely different perspective.

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If you are looking to run away from busy Old Town, enjoy an easy day on the water with zero stress and plenty of time to relax and enjoy, swim, snorkel, explore the islands or hitting the sundeck on the boat or a yacht, do island hopping with jet ski, then Elaphiti Islands are perfect for you.

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Mljet’s most beautiful landmarks are submerged bays, beaches, sea caves, native species, and archaeological finds. Due to its lush and rich vegetation, Mljet is the greenest Croatian island, which is why its nickname is Zeleni otok (the “green island”).

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Nature park Lastovo islands is a true paradise oasis of the Mediterranean.In biological terms, it is one of the best-preserved areas of the Mediterranean. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) declared the island an area of special importance for biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean.

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Historic Korčula is the most popular south-Dalmatiandestination after Dubrovnik, with which it is often compared.Lush with dark pine forests, vineyards and olive groves the ancient Greek settlers called it Korkyra Melaina (‘Black Corfu’),opposite the Pelješac peninsula, it has one of the best-preserved medieval walled towns in the Adriatic.

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Sunniest spot in all of Europe, the island of Hvar is the perfect destinationfor those seeking the beauty of Mediterranean beaches, pathways lined with lavender vines leading to secluded coves, small fishing villages and local vineyards, blue waters to the surrounding islands, all worthy of exploration.

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Our private Walking Tours are the best introduction to this unique town, revealing the most famous attractions of the town, historical facts, legends and curiosities. Discover different cultures, scenery, wineries and delicacies with our Private Road Trips that include: 3 Wineries Tasting Experience, Korčula Island+Winery, Montenegro and Bosnia/Mostar.

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