Kalamota, as the locals call it, closest to Dubrovnik. An evergreen island rich of fertile soil and water, full of lush vegetation like pine trees entangled with citrus gardens and small olive groves. Made of limestone and dolomite rock but at each end, there is a natural, miraculous, sandy beach. There are two settlements both interconnected by meandering paths that lead through the gardens and olive groves, unraveling the remnants of medieval architecture. Apart from sightseeing and enjoying the beaches, Blue Cave and Green Cave – 3 caves are the places not to be missed.
Where the sun plays a fundamental role, its rays reflected on the walls create beautiful flashes of light and blue colors turning the water (and all those who swim in it) a turquoise blue, which leaves nobody indifferent and provides amazing snorkeling experience here. If you are feeling adventurous, this is a perfect place for cliff jumping.
These caves are extraordinary because they are joined, and you can move from one to another. You will have a fantastic snorkeling experience here, thanks to the turquoise color of the sea.
Well-known as one of the most beautiful islands of Dubrovnik’s archipelago famous for its magnificent sandy beach Šunj, and its rich historical heritage. Visit Lopud’s numerous medieval churches, summer houses, defense towers and walls or admire the valuable art collection kept in the Franciscan Monastery from the 15th century. Botanical Garden of Lopud, whose entrance is directly at the promenade is a true oasis of nature and a welcome cooling on hot summer days. Plants from all over the world have been collected here. Old Spaniard fortification Sutvrac dating from 1563. is located on the highest point. From there a view of the ElaphitiIslands is fantastic!


Most impressive beach on the island, and the reason why people actually come to Lopud, is Beach Šunj. This beautiful sandy beach is located on the opposite side of the port Lopud and reached easily by boat, yacht or jet ski. Thanks to its beautiful natural environment, warm water and shallow sea it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the region by many.
The largest island in the Elaphiti archipelago, one of those places you go to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. As you may guessed, it’s not a major tourist spot which is why it’s perfect for a day at the beach with a good read. If you’re up for a little bit of sightseeing, you can visit two of its main villages: Šipanska luka and Suđurađ. There are many architectural monuments from the Middle Ages such as 11th century Church of St John with its frescas or for example the Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit. As many noble families from Dubrovnik built their summer residences on Šipan, the island is full of various myths and legends.


Secluded in idyllic bay, with the concept of ‘fine dining in the jungle’. BOWA – which stands for “Best of What’s Around”, positioned by its owners as a unique yet traditional Mediterranean restaurant, with all of the dishes made using fruit, vegetables and herbs hand-picked from their garden, fresh fish caught daily, and hand-homemade olive oil. The menu itself has been inspired from the trio’s memories of days past spent with grandparents. When you’re visiting Šipan, make sure you don’t miss out on sensational BOWA restaurant that leaves breathless both local and foreign guests.
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