Often called “Little Dubrovnik”, blanketed with dense woods and fringed with indented coves. The interior is lush and hilly, rich with vineyards, olive groves and peaceful villages. The jewel of the island is undoubtedly Korčula Old Town, a cluster of remarkable Venetian-gothic architecture on a narrow peninsula. Lustrous Korčula stone formed the basis for a highly refined stone-carving tradition evident in the balustrades and reliefs of Korčula town.
Abound with rustic charm, the medieval settlement of Korčula town has a year round appeal. The palm-lined streets and ancient surrounding walls regularly invite comparisons with nearby Dubrovnik. And it’s not hard to see why – but Korčula town tends to remain unbothered by the droves of tourists swarming the maritime capital over the summer months. All the better for the locals, and in-the-know visitors, who revel in its laidback, Mediterranean lifestyle.


Little village just six km east of Korčula town is on a tranquil bay with two sandy beaches just outside town. The grape-growing center of Korčula largely because of the reddish soil that is perfectly adapted to wine production. Inland, are acres of vineyards that produce Grk and Pošip, the excellent local white wine.
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