Dubrovnik from the seaside by boat, yacht or jet ski rewards spectators with breathtakingly beautiful views of its glorious stone city walls, brilliant blue sea while experiencing the magical atmosphere of approaching the Old Town like sailors did centuries ago. If you’re chasing the sunset, prepare your cameras as the sun starts to drift away, painting the sea and medieval walls with stunning colors.


Lighthouse isle, southwest of Lopud, since 1873 has served as a beacon for seafarers approaching the city of Dubrovnik. Today, these waters are a perfect diving site; the cliff drops vertically to 80 m and a sandy seabed. The sensation you experience when diving into one of the most beautiful blue depths on the Adriatic is that of profound tranquility. On the ascent, a stop may be made to explore an underwater cave at 12 m. The site is reached by boat, yacht or jet ski and anchoring is in the shallows on the sheltered side of the island, where the depth is 3-10 m.


This natural hidden cave is located across Lokrum Island, hidden in the rock and you can reach it only from the sea by kayak, boat, yacht or jet ski. It’s unusual, beautiful and tranquil. On the beach you can find complete peace and quiet, which is why it offers the perfect escape from everyday worries and a sense of total separation from the world.


One of the most attractive pebble and sand beaches in Dubrovnik, with breathtaking views of the Old Town and the Lokrum Island and is, therefore, one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. The small, partially sandy, partially pebbled bay is surrounded by lush cliffs. Dubrovnik, in an isolated area below the church of St. Jacob, after which it was named.


Located near the historic city of Dubrovnik on a small cliff is a lighthouse built in 1872, ,renovated in 2012 to become a private Villa. Access to the island is strictly forbidden for visitors in order for occupants to have complete discretion, however for diving enthusiasts, in the immediate vicinity of the lighthouse at a depth of 53 meters is the wreck of the Italian ship Taranto sunk in 1943. Also perfect place for amazing photos while navigating around this little isle by boat, yacht or jet ski.
Located near Brsečine, on the land side of Sjekirica are sandy beaches hidden from view, for this reason this place is considered one of the most romantic places in Dubrovnik. Sjekirica itself is a rocky beach with a few pine trees that create shade, meaning you can come here during peak sunshine. It’s truly untouched wilderness in which you will feel as good as new. A special experience is the view of the sunset behind the island.
An uninhabited island only 10 minutes away from the Dubrovnik port. Although Lokrum is frequently visited as a beloved summer destination, it is also covered in mystery as an exotic place mentioned in many legends and tales. During your stay you can visit the medieval church built – according to legend – by Richard The Lionheart and a beautiful botanical garden famous for its rich collection of succulents, cactuses and eucalyptuses. The Island of Lokrum is protected as a natural reserve. Apart from its beautiful rocky beaches, outer caves, Lokrum’s special attraction is a salty lake, called the Dead Sea. It is linked with the open sea and suitable for
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