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Dubrovnik Walking Tour


90 minutes




Sometimes the greatest beauty can only be appreciated at a slow pace—on two feet, immersed in the local stories and the ancient Dubrovnik Old Town around you. Our walking tours are led by expert local certified guides who know the best spots, history and local secrets. Walking tour is an ideal way to explore Dubrovnik Old Town in depth.


  • HISTORY WALKING TOUR - Local private guided tour is a perfect choice for individuals,families, or groups of friends keen to learn all about Dubrovnik. Walk throughout its stone paved streets, visiting the heart of the old town and witness the impressive economic, social, and cultural achievements during over 1,400 years of Dubrovnik history. It is truly a place where every stone has a story to tell.
  • GAME OF THRONES WALKING TOUR - Fans of the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones, will not think twice to visit stunning Dubrovnik city.. Many of the city’s sights were used as sets for the Game of Thrones series, including the iconic King’s Landing. If you’re an avid Game of Thrones fan, you will find yourself in paradise andfeel like you’ve walked right into the show.
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