Some people visit Dubrovnik and never find their way to the Adriatic. Shame really. Just a short boat ride away there are uninhabited islands, snorkelling hot spots, underwater caves and nature reserves just chillaxing in the Croatian sun. Some are so close you could almost swim there.

If you’d rather not faff with knots, sails, anchors and nautical navigating, the rentals come with skippers to guide and entertain you. Having someone to steer is almost as luxurious as the drinks they dole out. Of course, if you’re a sea-worthy adventurer, there’s no greater feeling of freedom than charting your own course. Either way, get on the water. You’ll not regret it.

On a boat, yacht or jet ski rent, you’ll be able to drop anchor in those bays we’ve all swooned over on Insta, swim to deserted beaches and bob gently in sheltered coves. Boat, yacht or jet ski hire in Dubrovnik is simple enough – leaving you free to really roam the coast. Getting out on the Adriatic opens up your Dubrovnik options – and who among us hasn’t got a nautical outfit in their carry on just waiting to be put to good use?